Our Company

We’re a Mexican company focused in Technology Innovation, Design & Development of high value Electronic Systems & New Products based in internationally recognized methodologies & standards.

A National Instruments Alliance Partner and currently working with TechBA Aerospace in a high impact incubation project to achieve AS9100 certifications in order to position into the Aerospace Industry.

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Real Time Systems

Custom Design & Development of Real Time Embedded Systems for a variety of commercial & industrial turn key applications.

Internet of Things

We develop tailored solutions to provide complete automation by interconnecting sensors, devices, machines, robots, processes, production lines & productivity systems with the internet to allow data retrieving and real time processing in order to achieve a seamless integration with the environment.

Big Data & Analytics

We provide systems & tools for big data generation, processing and analysis of relevant information like KPI’s, tendencies, reports & notifications as well as Predictive Manufacturing Systems to support management decision making. We generate real time Manufacturing Intelligence.

Design Lab

Mechanical Design 3D modeling & analysis using high performance CAD/CAE software tools to validate design engineering and simulate machinery or mechanisms before fabrication.

Our Offer

Adriano Engineering is a dynamic company engaged in Industry 4.0 System Design, Development & Integration with a strong focus in real time data generation and analysis for Business Intelligence creation.

  • Automotive

    LIN/CAN Test Systems.
    EOL Testers.
    Vision Systems.
    Fixture design.

  • Manufacturing

    Andon & OEE Systems.
    Real Time CPK Systems.
    Traceability Systems.
    ERP - Plant Integration.
    Predictive Maintenance.

  • Oil & Gas

    SCADA Systems for fluid measurement
    Storage Tank Level Monitoring.
    Conditioning Monitoring for Rotary Machines.

  • Waterworks

    SCADA Systems for Purifying Plants, Treatment Plants & Pumpking Stations.
    Predictive Maintenance Systems for Pumping Equipment.
    Water Quality Monitoring.

  • Aerospace

    Currently preparing us to enter this industry

  • Agro-technology

    Drip Irrigation Systems
    Greenhouse Automation Systems.
    Automated Packaging Machines.
    SMART Nutrient Dispenser & Fertilization System .
    Water Quality control for Aquaculture Systems.

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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Mexico.
+52 (81) 8865 4351